Extremely powerful PCB autorouter with free-angle technology

25 Jun

Extremely powerful PCB autorouter with free-angle technology

TopoR is extremely fast moreover comprehensive topological PCB autorouter. It routes PCBs alongside free-angle technology and ensure arc-like traces. The effect can be far superior to almost shape-based auto-router or at times time-consuming manual routing. Specctra DSNSES interface is backed up to exchange data by PCB CAD packages. pin number version is available without cost. TopoR routes with less involving viaslayers and length pointing to traces if compare additional auto-routers. Each wire contains a minimal length and circles pads with an ideal clearance. Absence of popular routing directions in tiers considerably reduces wire parallelism, which in its gadgets reduces electromagnetic crosstalks.

TopoR has intuitive connect that allows you to understand it and make the first free-angle design in several hours. Before all operations TopoR events tips that helps inside your work. User manual plus tutorials guides your from routing process and grants to get started without trouble. TopoR can perform parallel optimization for many alternative topology variants, what type of differ in optimized parameters, while the user emerged a choice of selecting one or several changes. One the unique features of TopoR could be its capability to switch components on the directed board while preserving your connections topology.

Geometry and positioning of all components are automatically identified to comply with the actual components position. Movement attached to components, vias and string branching is used reduce wires length, provide the ideal clearance space which ought to not less than used (to eliminate the limit spaces). Movement can be practiced both manually and automatically, and the most worthwhile wires shape is immediately. kakuma project to shortage of preferred routing directions within layers and deep degree of optimization TopoR provides solution routing of contemporary BGA components, which is in the past a very difficult complications for other routers.

You can download TopoR from httptoporouter The source of the article often is director technical of Novarm Limited and main agency of DipTrace PCB request. Novarm Limited is worldwide distributor of TopoR autorouter.