Asus Desktop Monitor Troubleshooting + Step-By-Step Checklist to Help You Troubleshoot Asus Desktop Monitors

11 Apr

Asus Desktop Monitor Troubleshooting + Step-By-Step Checklist to Help You Troubleshoot Asus Desktop Monitors

Asus Desktop Monitors troubleshooting typically is real easy for our company to do these working days. It’s a far cry from last year, when I had a rather tough time figuring in how to troubleshoot and / or repair Asus Desktop Monitorss. Prior to that, I did so only CRTs repairs which are significantly easier to practice. Unfortunately, people stopped sending faulty CRTs within order to my shop, thus Experienced no choice but much more information reparation. You know, thank heavens I found an encyclopedia-like Asus Desktop Monitors problem solving guide online. It has got photo instructions and point so I learned high-quality fixing shebang at residential.

Yes! There was no requirement for me to attend type pricey repair classes. You will find there’s one near my arrange and the registration charges are for full day course! The guide I downloaded from the the internet was significantly cheaper also it helped me a whole. By the way, you can check the guide via link presented right at the long run of this article. It is a download only so you are going have to print all pages and posts out and bind it.

Now, if you in order to troubleshoot faulty Asus Desktop Monitorss, but you’re just not ready to get most of the guide just yet unquestionably cool. In that case, let me share any step-by-step checklist for trouble shooting basic problems such compared to no power or number LED indicator. Checklist Pieces of equipment of the trade. The various tools you’ll need to put together a successful Asus Desktop Watches troubleshooting are oscilloscope, flyback tester, DMM digital multi-meter, ESR meter, digital capacitance meter and high current probe. Checklists Before consider out one of this testing gears use eyesight first! View each causing all of the components located inside inverter and power message.

Checklist Take a specific good look at any capacitors. If one much more is bulged, then congratulations, you’ve detected the crisis! But this may not be the just simply problem! Anyhow, you go ahead and replace unquestionably the bulged capacitors according which can specification. Checklist Now I wish for you inspect the vital gear. kickofftech ‘m talking about the power FET, supplementary diodes, fuse and preliminary winding of the SMPS. The last one requires to be tested with a flyback tester. Checklist If the most important fuse along with the remainder vital components turned out and alright after testing, you’ll turn on the Asus Desktop Monitors.